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Founded in 1980 by Sherin Abda (aka “Clint”), Picture Perfect Photography continues to grow as the leader in misunderstood photographs. Sherin has left an indelible mark on the modern photography world as we know it.

Born somewhere and then he grew up, Sherin has always been found with a camera in his hand early on in life. Some say, although this has never been proven, that Sherin documented the Apollo 11 moon landing that took place in 1969. When asked about this incident, Sherin asserts that it was a total fabrication by the media.

Early in his profession Sherin was a mentor for several illustrious photographers and eventually helped launch their careers through his infamous mentoring program; “Come and See”. These careers include but are not limited to; Joseph Briks, Jonathan Bills, Janet Jenkins, and of course Elissa Rhymes. The awards that Sherin received throughout his career cannot be mentioned, but rest assured, they’re extraordinary. At a press release in 2013 Sherin was asked to elaborate more regarding one of his infamous photos, “The Prodigal Mountain”. He replied with a supercilious tone, “…I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph the way the subject makes me feel”. The Prodigal Mountain is a prime example of how he feels.

Although Sherin hangs his hat in Anchorage AK, his travels worldwide exemplify the diversity in his style. Landscapes, head-shots, abstract, and macro photography are just a few of his photo genres that he explores and fine tunes on a regular basis. Known for hoarding his photos, he was once asked by a reporter in Papa New Guinea why he doesn’t just delete some of his "less than average" photos from his library (which to date houses more than six million photos). Sherin promptly replied with an objurgate response, “Why would I? It’s hard for me to get rid of pictures, because they’re like offspring to me. In life one may have bad offspring or good offspring. Someone’s child may eventually end up in prison while his sibling ultimately becomes a Supreme Court Justice. Nonetheless, they’re both someone’s offspring, and the parents can’t just execute their children because they’re ‘less than average’.”

In much the same way, once light enters my lens and is fertilized in my camera, conception occurs and it’s very hard for me to terminate the photo”.

He went on to say; “Unlike most photographers, I don’t shoot for the client or the customer, I shoot for myself, despite what the client or customer thinks they want. So, as bad as this may sound, I don’t really care what others think of my work, even if they are paying clients or customers. I only care about how I feel about the photos I create. And that is why I’m broke.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a strange concept, but it’s honest – and it’s the best way to describe his approach to the craft. He seems to wrestle with every image he shoots. “I assume perfection is attainable and I want to wring it out of every picture. If that’s all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say you know me very, very well.”

Inspired by his surroundings, Sherin has often been seen stopping for no reason in the middle of whatever he’s doing, then staring out into space (or at an inanimate object), as if he’s looking into another dimension. In reality however, we all know that an image has just been born. It just needs to manifest itself in reality once he pushes his shutter. Conceived by electrical impulses in his brain that no one else can fathom, we glance over his new image and wonder to ourselves, 'what in the world was he thinking'?

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